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7/4/24 | Digital Trends

Beyond the hype: Native AI urges insights professionals to demand measurable results from AI providers

Does AI actually create business value? Learn more about how Native AI clients are applying insights to real business challenges, and creating measurable results.

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Beyond the hype

6/11/24 | Business Insider

Native AI and TraQline Announce Partnership to Scale Consumer Insights for Durable Goods

Combining quantitative and qualitative signals will enable insights professionals to identify the underlying causes of purchase trends like never before.

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5/14/24 | Yahoo! Finance

Native AI Reimagines its Flagship Digital Twins Feature with Three Big Enhancements

Digital Twins now can reply instantly, remember the context of a conversation, and display results with a variety of visuals!

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5/9/24 | New York Weekly

Native AI: Marketers Neglecting Value of 5-Star Reviews

Product reviews carry selection bias. But that's exactly what makes them so powerful (if you can read between the lines).

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Brands arent looking closely enough

3/8/24 | Digital Journal

Integration will be the next wave of AI market expansion, predicts generative AI firm Native AI

Technological advancements tend to follow the same trajectory: from early hype to fragmented expansion to consolidation. This article outlines Native AI's prediction for the future.

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2/25/24 | MSN

The Traditional Market Research Model is Dead, Says Generative AI Firm Native AI

Market research firms are adding predictive analytics as a means to convert clients from project-based to always-on subscriptions.

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2/13/24 | Grit Daily

Looking to Gain Market Share? AI Analytics Platform Native AI Has the Solution

Growing market share starts with competitive benchmarking and predicting the evolving needs and desires of your customers.

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Gaining Market Share

1/26/24 | International Business Times

Native AI Introduces Lever To Control Synthetic Data Hallucination

Generative AI has the ability to stick exclusively to known data, or "hallucinate" by inventing new plausible information based on pattern recognition

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12/12/23 | USA Today

Generative AI Firm Native AI Ushers in A New Era of Hyper-Personalized Brand Experiences

Digital Twins can reveal hidden interests and communities within your audiences

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11/13/23 | Tech Times

Native AI's 'Digital Twins': Making Consumer Insights Interactive in Today's Data-Rich World

With the power of generative AI, you can chat with digital representations of your actual customers in real time

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11/7/23 | Disrupt Magazine

How Native AI is Tackling Bias in Market Research

Combining AI with traditional market research methods can drastically reduce human bias

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10/2/23 | LA Weekly

Bridging the Gap: How Generative AI Startups Like Native AI Are Revolutionizing Customer Feedback

Native AI is bringing crucial generative AI development to the field of brand market research

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4/6/23 | BusinessWire

Native AI Closes $3.5M Seed Round to Disrupt Market Research with Generative AI and Digital Twins

Native equips brands to digitally clone their target customers into test groups, ask them questions and instantly get actionable recommendations

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Screen Shot 2023-04-06 at 12.20.17 PM

4/6/23 | SiliconAngle

Native AI raises $3.5M to create digital clones of customers using generative AI

The company aims to enable brands to build digital clones of their customers using the power of generative artificial intelligence to answer questions and provide insights

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