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You are in charge of how much creativity Digital Twins may use in their answers, or stick exclusively to facts within the source data.

What is a Brand Health Monitoring Tool?

Brand health monitoring is a complex task, but advancements in AI have made it much easier. A brand health monitoring tool offers an eagle-eye view on how the brand is faring - capturing sentiments, tracking awareness, perceptions, and customer satisfaction levels. The efficiency of this tool lies in its ability to collate crucial data, analyze it, and manifest into actionable brand health metrics which can steer the direction for effective brand strategies.

Brand tracking metrics offer vital insights that can be actioned on quickly. These metrics cover important areas like brand recall, brand recognition, customer satisfaction, brand preference, and likelihood of purchase. Companies make use of brand tracking companies for this purpose, who specialize in gathering data regarding the brand’s performance over time. Brand tracking metrics are also key to understanding the impact of an ongoing or recently completed marketing campaign. They act as mirrors, reflecting the impact of marketing strategies and guiding future endeavors.

In order to get a more comprehensive understanding of brand health, a brand health survey often accompanies third party data. A robust brand tracking example will include multiple survey methodologies. The survey should absolutely include open-ended questions, so the brand can gather contextual clues about the consumer use case and thought process. However, the issue with this type of brand health questionnaire is that it can be very time-consuming to analyze manually. This is really where AI has a chance to shine. Natural Language Processing can easily digest huge quantities of open end data and summarize learnings.

A brand health monitoring tool is not a static tool that simply reflects numbers and percentages – it is a dynamic tool that evolves with a brand’s objectives and new initiatives in market. The tool itself must be receptive to shifts in perceptions, customer needs, and market trends. Thus, its efficiency relies on being connected to third party sources, such as consumer product reviews.


Brand Health Trackers

When it comes to assessing the vitality and strength of a brand, brand health tracking tools can provide invaluable information. A brand’s strength it ultimately decided by consumer perception. Perception is reality, after all.

In the crowded marketplace of brand health tracking applications, one name stands out for its proven record in delivering actionable insights—Ipsos. With the brand health tracking tools offered by Ipsos, companies are empowered with accurate data about their brand's performance across different channels and demographics. However, Ipsos is not alone in offering such compelling features.

Nielsen, another renowned name in market research, offers similar benefits through their brand lift study and Nielsen Brand Effect tools. These tools go beyond mere performance tracking by providing an in-depth analysis of advertising effectiveness. Moreover, they measure brand resonance among consumers, ensuring that businesses understand how well their consumers perceive their brands.

Speaking of advertising effectiveness, Kantar’s brand health tracking platform offers a comprehensive suite of solutions. Kantar extensively focuses on establishing correlations between marketing strategies and brand health metrics. By employing this method, companies can better understand how their marketing tactics are impacting their brand's position and perception within the market.

And finally, we come to Native AI. We are a different kind of solution, because our Natural Language Processing and generative AI learns from a brand’s own customers. Rather than comb through thousands of reviews, Native AI’s dashboard can summarize it, and make them searchable and filterable. We also have the ability to upload any first party data, such as a market research survey, and analyze results. By creating Digital Twins from these data sources, clients can gain a tremendous amount of predictive insights that can enhance existing survey data, even sometimes replacing the need for a Recontact Survey.

Regardless of which tool is right for you, the important thing to focus on is metrics. In particular, you must measure brand awareness, associations, usage, and loyalty, in order to gather a holistic understanding of brand health. While such metrics can be a bit daunting to decipher at first, leveraging them effectively can garner substantial returns.


Best Brand Monitoring Tools

Brand monitoring tools may be defined differently than brand health trackers, even though they’re related. Brand monitoring may include features like social listening, SEO, and PR management functionality. A few stand-out performers would be Brand 24, Brandwatch, and the Semrush brand monitoring tool. These are known as the best brand monitoring tools currently available due to their innovative features and unparalleled performance.

If you are ready to learn more about how Native AI can help with brand health monitoring, please check out our solutions.

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