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Customize and export reports with full choice of visualizations. Set up alerts for specific products and keywords, and monitor trends over time in order to predict future consumer behaviors and identify white-space opportunities.


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Upload your first party data in any structured or unstructured format. Our platform is compliant with international data processing regulations to eliminate unnecessary risk.

Digital Twins

Converse with digital clones of your customers or your competitors' customers. Filter by demographic, purchase channel, behavior, and more. Create visualizations and export your results.


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Our platform is designed for you to be successful independently, but we're here to make sure you’re able to take full advantage of the value Native AI provides.

The Native AI Difference

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We are compliant with all international data processing standards, and offer sensitive data detection and deletion to prevent accidental risk.

Advanced Orchestration

We use multiple Natural Language Processing methods to determine the best way to gather the answers you need with maximal accuracy.

Synthetic Output Controls

You are in charge of how much creativity Digital Twins may use in their answers, or stick exclusively to facts within the source data.

AI For Customer Insights

AI for customer insights has become not just a buzzword in contemporary marketing discourse, but a transformational mechanism propelling the evolution of market research. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) has opened new avenues of acquiring data, enabling researchers to uncover deep, nuanced insights into customer behavior and preferences that were previously elusive, thereby disrupting traditional market research norms.

The role of AI applications for customer insights is profound. The advent of these cutting-edge technologies has significantly reshaped the way brands perceive their consumers, whether it involves proactively anticipating consuming requirements or comprehending patterns in their transactional behavior. The most common output from these AI-driven systems is the consumer insights report.

A consumer insights report, produced by AI-powered tools, provides comprehensive, targeted, and actionable information about consumer behavior, preferences, sentiment, and trends, facilitating more precise, personalized marketing strategies that increase and brand loyalty. Unlike traditional methods of customer research which were manual, time-consuming, and often riddled with errors, the AI-imbued consumer insights report is swift, accurate, and devoid of human bias offering a stark contrast to the conventional approach.

There is a wide range of consumer insights tools, for pretty much any B2C use case. These tools leverage AI's predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities, allowing businesses to better comprehend customer behavior. Whether it's mapping out purchasing patterns, predicting future trends, or understanding the reasons behind customer’s preferences, these tools offer comprehensive and precise analytics that are transforming the business landscape.

Thus not only is AI disrupting market research, but it's also creating an enriched ecosystem where consumer insights research is conducted more efficiently, accurately, and comprehensively. This form of research, aided by AI, is crucial to unveil behaviors and patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed, ensuring a broader contextual understanding of consumer trends. As AI continues to evolve, so will its impact on market research.

Consumer Insights Examples

Consumer insights have become an integral element in shaping strategies and making informed decisions for businesses. Enterprises such as Nielsen IQ, Meltwater AI, Audiense, Brandwatch, and Cision AI are stirring the industry with prolific data-driven insights and unique data sets.

Starting with Nielsen IQ, they deliver a robust understanding of what consumers purchase by tracking sales performance and market share. Their insightful market analytics provide a comprehensive image of consumer behavior, influencing the decision-making process of many organizations. It provides real-time data, empowering a brand with concise and clear statistics of consumer activities.

Likewise, Meltwater AI brings a different edge to consumer insights. It delves into social media analytics, generating detailed reports on audiences, their interactions, and sentiments. By harnessing artificial intelligence, Meltwater AI unravels profound details of users, directing companies to make appropriate and effective customer engagement action plans.

Audiense, another noteworthy platform, specializes in segmenting and understanding audiences. It furnishes a brand's strategy by providing in-depth insights into the customer's persona and their online behavior. This intelligence is critical in delivering highly personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

Brandwatch takes a  unique approach with its digital consumer intelligence and social listening tools. Through these features, organizations gain an understanding of customer conversations, opinions, and trends in real-time. It opens a pathway into the intricacies of consumer mindset, making it an indispensable tool for marketers.

Lastly, Cision AI focuses on gauging the reach and impact of PR campaigns by providing detailed analytics and audience insights. It aids organizations in comprehending the ripple effect of their communications, thus leading to enhanced strategies that optimize engagement and conversions.

In essence, these consumer insight examples vividly demonstrate the breadth and depth of how businesses can leverage technology to procure valuable data, enabling them to make informed decisions that will drive their businesses towards success.

What Is IBM Watson

IBM Watson, a high-powered computing technology, has an innovative and advanced approach to utilizing data, learning, reasoning, and adapting over time. IBM Watson stands in contrast to other AI tools, such as ChatGPT.

Understanding IBM Watson vs. ChatGPT involves a thorough examination of their functionalities. IBM Watson vastly differs in application; its use spans several industries and its capabilities include natural language processing, machine learning, and automated decision-making. On the other hand, ChatGPT is primarily a language processing AI, focusing more on generating human-like text based on the information fed to it.

A specific tool provided by IBM Watson, the Watsonx Code Assistant, helps developers quickly fix, identify issues, and optimize code. It streamlines tasks and aids in the acceleration of the application development process, as it comprehensively understands and interprets programming languages, using its understanding to aid in code writing and debugging processes.

As to the question, "what is IBM Watson used for?", it spans many diverse industries and applications. From helping doctors diagnose diseases to assisting businesses in customer engagement, the agile technology presents itself as adaptable, capable of both learning from its mistakes and adjusting its responses - all to provide more accurate information for decision-making processes. This indicates its tremendous potential in transforming our world, one algorithmic calculation at a time.

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