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Create impact through measurable improvements to products, customer experience, and marketing.

  • Analyze millions of qualitative and quantitative data points
  • Automate product and keyword tracking across the web
  • Converse with digital clones of your customers in real-time

Insights Dashboard

Customize and export reports with full choice of visualizations. Set up alerts for specific products and keywords, and monitor trends over time in order to predict future consumer behaviors and identify white-space opportunities.


Bring Your Own Data

Upload your first party data in any structured or unstructured format. Our platform is compliant with international data processing regulations to eliminate unnecessary risk.

Digital Twins

Converse with digital clones of your customers or your competitors' customers. Filter by demographic, purchase channel, behavior, and more. Create visualizations and export your results.


Expert White-Glove Service

Our platform is designed for you to be successful independently, but we're here to make sure you’re able to take full advantage of the value Native AI provides.

The Native AI Difference

We're not like other all-in-one insights platforms. Get a peek under the hood.

Data Safety & Privacy

We are compliant with all international data processing standards, and offer sensitive data detection and deletion to prevent accidental risk.

Advanced Orchestration

We use multiple Natural Language Processing methods to determine the best way to gather the answers you need with maximal accuracy.

Synthetic Output Controls

You are in charge of how much creativity Digital Twins may use in their answers, or stick exclusively to facts within the source data.

How Has AI Shaped Competitive Monitoring Software

The world of digital marketing is evolving swiftly, and organizations need to leverage innovative tools to keep pace. Today's business environment is characterized by fierce competition and rapid changes. This is where the AI competitive monitoring software comes into play. Such software allows companies to gain vital insights into the strategy and performance of their competitors.

AI competitive monitoring software is fast becoming a crucial part of a company's competitive intelligence benchmarking process. These programs provide an analytical overview of a firm's competitors, identifying areas of weakness and opportunity. The competitive monitoring software functions by collecting and analyzing data from different sources and presenting it in an easily digestible format for decision-making.

A competitive intelligence platform may combine both first and third party data, dynamically collecting data from a range of digital touchpoints, which includes social media activity, ad campaigns, pricing strategies, customer feedback, and even customer sentiment. With its immense data processing capabilities, AI software carries out comprehensive analysis, which previously took hours upon hours of manual labor. By collecting data from multiple sources, these systems can provide a holistic overview of the competitive landscape in real-time.

The application of competitive intelligence tools and techniques can vary, but each serves a similar purpose: to provide companies with actionable insights. Firms can leverage these insights to improve their marketing strategies and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Competitive intelligence and competitive benchmarking tools are most often used for collecting, assembling, analyzing, and disseminating information about products, customers, competitors, and any aspect of the environment needed to support executives and managers in making strategic decisions for an organization. Whether it's an AI competitive monitoring software or any other competitive intelligence tool, each has a unique role to play to help businesses stay ahead in the competition.


Best Competitive Intelligence Tools

In recent years, AI has enabled a rapid expansion of competitive monitoring solutions. Among the roster of choices, there are some tools that have managed to differentiate themselves, providing excellent resources for gaining high-level intelligence. When it comes to consumer intelligence, Native AI offers the best solution with the most flexibility.

Native AI specializes in competitive intelligence for B2C brands, agencies, and market research firms. Our Natural Language Processing engine is connected to hundreds of data sources, including most major retailers. To learn more about how we can help your brand, agency, or market research firm, visit our solutions page.

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