Recontact Survey Alternative

Use AI to extract better answers from your existing survey data.

Recontact surveys are an essential part of the market research toolkit. Market research clients often wish to probe deeper into the data beyond the scope of the initial survey, but this can get very expensive and take a lot of time. The first step should be to ensure that you make the most of your existing data.

Read this guide to learn:

  • Why Recontact surveys are inefficient
  • How Natural Language Processing and Generative AI can extract more information from existing surveys
  • The difference between descriptive and predictive responses

Native AI turns insight into impact

Introducing Native AI, the Natural Language Processing application that helps you extract as much information out of your surveys as possible with incredible accuracy.


A better way to find the answers you need

Natural Language Processing can easily investigate mountains of survey data.

  • Analyze millions of qualitative and quantitative data points
  • Extract themes and discover hidden insights

  • Converse with digital clones of survey respondents in real-time

Digital Twins

Converse with digital clones of your survey respondents. Filter by demographic, purchase channel, behavior, and more. Create visualizations and export your results.


Expert White-Glove Service

Our platform is designed for you to be successful independently, but we're here to make sure you’re able to take full advantage of the value Native AI provides.

The Native AI Difference

We're not like other all-in-one insights platforms. Get a peek under the hood.

Data Safety & Privacy

We are compliant with all international data processing standards, and offer sensitive data detection and deletion to prevent accidental risk.

Advanced Orchestration

We use multiple Natural Language Processing methods to determine the best way to gather the answers you need with maximal accuracy.

Synthetic Output Controls

You are in charge of how much creativity Digital Twins may use in their answers, or stick exclusively to facts within the source data.

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